Day 1 – Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Innovative and Smart Production

  • Innovative plant and tool technologies 
  • Machine Learning/KI
  • Digital innovation at plant level

Factories of the Future

  • Networked production systems
  • Digital technologies in the production process
  • Self-optimizing production systems
  • Digital process chain replication (digital twin)

Life-Cycle Engineering

  • Life cycle optimised component design/component concepts
  • Recycling concepts and processes

Generative Manufacturing

  • Use of additive manufacturing with potential for industrial application
  • Simulation of production processes and components
  • Generative production systems
  • Design of additively manufactured structures
  • Process chain of additive manufacturing

Day 2 – Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Design and Simulation

  • Innovative approaches to component design
  • Optimization approaches for lightweight structures
  • Design for production
  • Simulation

Functional Structures

  • Function integration
  • Adaptronics/Sensor Integration
  • Hybrid components and technology demonstrators

Concepts for the production of function-integrated structures

Bio‐Based Material for Industrial Use

  • Material substitution through sustainable materials
  • Production processes for biologically based materials
  • Design concepts for biological materials
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Bio-based materials

Biomimetic Innovations for Economical Applications

  • Adaptation of biomimetic concepts to components and – demonstrators

Production technologies for biomimetically optimised components