Keynote – Dr. Vollmer

We are excited to announce that Dr. Christian Vollmer, production executive of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand of Volkswagen AG will be presenting a keynote at the FAPC2022 with the topic “Gamechanger Trinity – Approach to new generation of electromobility vehicle production”. Don’t miss his enlightening Keynote!

Keynote – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ihlenfeldt

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Ihlenfeldt from the Chair of Machine Tools Development and Adaptive Controls at the TU Dresden (LINK) and Director at Fraunhofer IWU Chemnitz (LINK) will be presenting a keynote at the FAPC2022 with the topic “Challenges and solution strategies for bio-inspired factories of the future”. Don’t miss his insightful Keynote!

Sponsor – Mubea

We are happy and grateful to present Mubea as one of our sponsors. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about this lightweight specialist at the FAPC 2022!

Sponsor – INVENT GmbH

We are happy and grateful to present INVENT GmbH as one of our sponsors. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about this innovative SME from Braunschweig at the FAPC 2022!

Two for one

Merging with the congress “Werkstoffsymposium”We are pleased to announce the close cooperation with the Werkstoffsymposium of ITS Mobility, which will enable you to enjoy a high diversity of presentations from research and industry on May 17th and 18th. Many new highlights such as guided tours of the VW factory and the OHLF have been incorporated into the joint, new event planning. Read more in the official press release:

Program Committee

We are excited to introduce the Programme Committee of the FAPC2022 with many experts from science and industry:

Call for Abstracts 2022

Sustainability and design for a circular economy play an important role in the context of future mobility. These concepts have to be embedded into a life cycle perspective when designing new automotive components and have to be enabled through new manufacturing technologies.

For the sixth time already – and for the first time as the Future Automotive Production Conference (FAPC) – experts from academic research and industry are meeting in Wolfsburg to discuss innovative approaches how to improve the sustainability of automotive components along the entire life cycle.

The session topics are:

  • Innovative and Smart Production
  • Factories of the Future
  • Life Cycle Engineering
  • Generative Manufacturing
  • Design and Simulation
  • Functional Structures
  • Bio-Based Material for Industrial Use
  • Design for Circularity

In addition to attending the Future Automotive Production Conference as a participant, you have the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the conference by submitting an abstract. After accepting your contribution, a paper needs to be submitted which will be reviewed by our scientific committee. All submissions will then be published by Springer Verlag. During the conference, the paper will be presented as part of a session.

A detailed description of the submission process and instructions can be found in the Guide on: